There is definitely a savings by utilizing the buying power of UltraAir. Some examples of savings include:


  • Fuel: Locally you will receive a significant discount on fuel as well as a managed fuel program that tracks the price of fuel from all the contract fuel vendors available. You can fly knowing you are receiving the best fuel discounts available.


  • Training: UltraAir receives a volume discount from training facilities that is directly passed to our customers. Our flight crews are trained at either Simuflite International or Flight Safety International. Both organizations set the standard for excellence in flight crew training.


  • Maintenance: Our Experienced FAA licensed maintenance technicians are highly trained and dedicated to ensure your aircraft is safe every time you fly. With a professional staff on call your aircraft downtime is dramatically reduced. Our staff will evaluate every maintenance situation and solve all problems in the most effective and efficient means possible.


  • Revenue: Chartering your aircraft is an option to increase aircraft utilization and generate revenue to reduce your overall operating cost.


  • Advantage: The true advantage of our aircraft management services is receiving all the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the worries or responsibilities. It gives you peace of mind.