Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I fly private?

Private charter is not only a first class experience, it is convenient and saves you time. It gives you the freedom of flying into 7,000 airports across the United States. That is access to over 4,500 more airports than flying commercial. When you fly with UltraAir LLC, we guarantee you will receive the personalized service you deserve every time. Give us a try and see for yourself.

Does the cost change with number of people on the flight?

No. When flying private jet charter, you are charged for the whole jet no matter how many people are flying on it. The cost is based on an hourly charge, not the number of passengers.

Can I keep the airplane overnight or for a week?

When you charter our aircraft, you make the schedule, no matter how long and how far you want to travel. The airplane is all yours.

Are meals served on the flight?

All of our aircraft come completely stocked with snacks and beverages that are complimentary with your flight. If you would like a meal on the aircraft, our Flight Coordinators can arrange any meal to be ready and waiting for you on your flight.

Can UltraAir LLC help me arrange ground transportation?

Yes. Whether you need a rental car or a limousine, our Flight Coordinators are here to help you arrange your ground transportation. We offer this service free of charge, as part of your flying experience with UltraAir.

Can I fly one-way?

Of course you can. Be aware that chartered flights are charged on a round-trip basis. We have to fly the airplane back to its home-base. Our round trip pricing is lower than some companies’ one-way price.

How many pilots will be flying the aircraft?

Our jet aircraft are all flown by two pilots who possess a first class medical and an Airline Transport Pilot Certificates, which is the highest rating attainable.

How many seats does the aircraft have?

Depending on the aircraft model, our jets can accommodate up to 14 passengers.

  • Falcon 7X______14 passengers
  • Falcon 900B____14 passengers
  • Falcon 50_______9 passengers
  • Learjet 35A______8 passengers
  • Learjet 55_______8 passengers
  • Learjet 60_______8¬†passengers
  • King Air B200____7 passengers
Is charter safer than commercial flights?

Yes. There are strict FAA regulations governing the air charter industry, and your safety is always our highest concern!  UltraAir is additionally audited by third party safety groups that require us to operate above FAA standards.

What if my plans change?

Rarely are charter flights delayed or cancelled. Charter flights, unlike scheduled flights, don’t operate to a strict schedule, but tailor the flight itinerary to your needs. Commercial airlines fly to only 200-230 of the largest airports in the world. Charter flights can land at more than 7,000 airports. This affords our clients the flexibility to get closer to their destination, in much less time and effort.

What is the policy of privacy of charter aircraft?

Privacy is one of the key reasons most high-level executives choose to fly air charter. When you are discussing private matters, the last thing you need to worry about is who sits next to you!

What can I bring on the aircraft with me?

You are only limited to the FAA restrictions, such as ammunition, weapons and explosives. If you have any specific concerns, our scheduling representatives can answer your questions.

Does my baggage travel on the same aircraft?

Your baggage travels in the same plane you do, GUARANTEED! It goes from your hand directly onto the plane, thus eliminating the need to wait at your destination, as well as the poor experience of losing your belongings.